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COUNTRY FEED: 04.04.20

Dierks Bentley had a close call with the weather Monday night in Nashville.

Dierks shared a video of a storm cell that his plane passed around 11:30pm; that same cell turned into the deadly tornado that hit Nashville overnight.

Shots of the area around the John C. Tune airport (the airport that Dierks flew into) showed the space virtually destroyed by the storm.

. . . . . 

Many artists are sharing love with Nashville via their social media. 

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Kenny Chesney has announced the release of his new album, ‘Here and Now’! The album is set to arrive on May 1st.

Kenny has been writing and recording his new project over the last 18 months, using people and the world around him as his inspiration. “When you’re this far into your career, I think artists need to keep pushing themselves and the music without losing sight of who they are, or forgetting the people you make music for.”

Kenny wanted to make his listeners want to get up and dance, saying his new work is “…going for a high fun factor.”

“…people work hard, and need music that makes them smile, that kicks them into a happy place.” 


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