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COUNTRY FEED: 04/09/18

Dustin Lynch is currently on tour with Brad Paisley and on Friday Dustin gave his “boss” very unique (live) thank you gift while on stage.

The two were in the middle of singing “I’m Still A Guy,” while Dustin was holding a small black and white goat wearing a Wonder Woman cape. He presented it to Brad saying, 

“What do you get Brad Paisley as a thank you gift for having you on tour. And in my opinion, Brad Paisley is one of the greatest of all time to do this. He is one of the GOAT’s of country music. So Brad, I got you a goat. We named her Telly, short for telecaster (guitar).”

Brad’s wife posted a picture of Telly asking, “#aboutlastnight Anyone know how to take care of a goat??”

Watch the full video! 


Box Office 

Paramount’s A Quiet Place made over $50 million this weekend at the Box Office. Director John Krasinski also stared in the film alongside his wife Emily Blunt. Paramount’s president told Deadline the film “transcended any genre. While it may have been perceived as a horror film,  you can’t get to these numbers without it being about story. The movie became all things to all people; it connected with people’s primitive needs to protect family in a dangerous time.”

Here’s the chilling trailer..


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