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COUNTRY FEED: 05/17/18

Blake Shelton and Florida Georgia Line have some new openings to announce! 

Blake’s Ole Red Nashville restaurant, bar and music venue is opening in Nashville June 6-10th


Florida Georgia Line‘s got a new FGL Boat House opening up in Florida on the water!! 




Keanu Reeves / Winona Ryder

1990s Young Hollywood favorites Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder, who first starred together in 1992’s Dracula, and then in two other movies in the 2000s, have reunited again a decade later in a romantic comedy coming out in August called Destination Wedding.  

The trailer came out yesterday, and shows Reeves and Ryder as two socially awkward, glass-half-empty types who find themselves stuck together as solo guests at a California destination wedding. They hate each other at first, but this is a rom-com, so of course that doesn’t last long. 


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