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COUNTRY FEED: 07/06/18

Miranda Lambert and Little Big Town may be singing different songs on tour?

Miranda and LBT are touring together during their upcoming Bandwagon Tour, which will feature full sets from both parties. They will then join each other on stage for a number of covers according to Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild. She also may have hinted at the singing of each other’s songs. Karen said, “Honest to God, there isn’t a song of [Miranda’s] that I wouldn’t want to sing.” 


Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks will be back on tour, yet again. And he plans on to share some new details on Monday! Well, he will be talking details about the seating at his concerts.. Garth said, “How many front rows are we talking? Real quick in my head – let me see. This is going to be crazy, man. And remember, these aren’t front rows – these are like twice the size of a regular front row, anyways. I’m so excited. And our big announcement is the 9th – you’re gonna find out how many front rows there are. This is gonna to be cool.” 


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