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COUNTRY FEED: 07/09/18

Dierks Bentley is giving his trainer a bonus if he can make Dierks’ tour mates puke after working out..!

Dierks seems to be having too much fun on tour, both on the stage and off. He is one of those guys who makes sure he works out everyday. And why not get his tour mates in on it? Brothers Osborne and LANCO are out with him on this tour and Dierks is getting the guys of LANCO in on some cardio with an incentive for his trainer if he can make them puke.. 

Dierks said, “Tripp and Eric (LANCO), there’s like, you know like a NASCAR driver if they like drink out of the Gatorade bottle they get like an extra 500 bucks or whatever? I have a little side thing with my trainer. Every time he gets a LANCO guy to puke he gets a little bonus so there’ll be much more puking from working out I’m sure from other stuff on this tour, but that’s the kind I like — seeing them in physical pain in the middle of the day.”



Box Office 

Ant-Man And The Wasp took first place this weekend at the Box Office. That’s awesome and all, but what is more mind-blowing is that this is the 20th consecutive time Marvel has had a film open at No. 1.  

 Incredibles 2 brought in $29 million. And Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has now made more than $1 billion after this weekend. 


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