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COUNTRY FEED: 08/02/18

Jake Owen is coming to Missouri this Saturday, but will be looking for some stars for his new music video..

Jake will be shooting a new music video in Nashville Friday night. He tweeted out yesterday, “Who’s coming? Broadway. Nashville. Friday night. We’re going down to the honky tonk.”

Jake and his crew are looking for a Jake Owen body double, a line-dance choreographer, line dancers, an eccentric man, bikers, bachelorette party attendees, bar patrons and a couple kissing at a bar. And these will be PAID spots! 



Granger Smith 

Granger Smith’s wife has been his love interest in pretty much all of his music videos since they met on the set of one of his 2009 videos, and she’s in yet another one! His latest single “You’re In It,” and the video is out now. Granger says she’s pretty much permanent saying, “I’ve told her it’s getting to the point where we’ve done so many together that it would be really weird if all of a sudden I came up with a video where there was an actual love interest and it wasn’t her.”

Watch the video for “You’re In It,” starring Granger’s wife Amber, here.


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