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COUNTRY FEED: 08/06/18

Little Big Town had a rough week last week..

Last week was rough for the members of Little Big Town after one of their trailers had been stolen and their American Music Awards trophy was accidentally sent to rapper Lil Wayne. The trophy is reportedly being sent to the right address now, and as for the trailer?

This particular trailer was actually filled with toys and games for the band’s children, and not full of expensive guitars and amps. 

The band posted a photo to Instagram writing, “To the guys that stole our trailer- guess you thought you were getting vintage guitars and amps. Instead you got two old kid bikes, 1 scooter, a baby pool and a unicorn float. Karma’s a funny thing.”



Dierks Bentley‘s upcoming Seven Peaks Festival is going to have today’s country as well as bluegrass music. But what fans are really excited for is the 90’s country music.

Dierks said, “No one’s talking about anything but the 90’s night since we introduced it. That whole 90’s country thing is very topical right now so I think there’s gonna be a lot of people that come out for that. They’re excited about that. I think it adds a lot of value to the experience. I know I’ll be a kid in a candy store watching those guys and probably be sitting cross-legged on the side of the stage hoping for a chance to get up there and do a little boot scootin’, which I can’t do but I’ll try.”


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