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COUNTRY FEED: 08/13/18

Granger Smith and his crew are feeling pretty lucky after a semi crash on Saturday.

Granger shared pictures on Instagram of a majorly damaged semi truck that was carrying his equipment to a show in Baltimore. Granger said the conditions in West Virginia were foggy and his driver lost control. The truck overturned and blocked all lanes including the median. Grangers Instagram post read: “No one was hurt, and my driver Charlie climbed out without a scratch. We lost gear, but all that can be replaced. Grateful for my road brothers, and thankful for another day. See you tonight on stage in Baltimore!”




Garth Brooks surprised a local singer/songwriter who was singing “That Summer” at a bar in Nashville. Andy Gibbons, was performing at Tootsie’s when Garth Brooks pushed his way through the crowd to get to the stage. Andy thought it was a look-alike at first but soon realized “Nope, this is actually Garth Brooks!”

Apparently Garth was walking by the bar when he heard the song and decided to join him on stage to sing with him.



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