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COUNTRY FEED: 09/10/18

Carrie Underwood helped kick off the 2018 NBC Sunday Night Football season last night with a new song as the Green Bay Packers hosted the Chicago Bears. 

This makes Carrie’s sixth season to kick off Sunday Night Football. Carrie’s new song is called “Game On” and replaces the long-running opener “Waiting All Day For Sunday Night.” 

Carrie said, “We wrote a new song for it, because I feel like they’re always open to that and they’re always looking for ways to freshen things up. So, they always just say, ‘Hey! If you’ve got anything else back there, whatever you’re working on, bring it. We’ll see how we feel about it.’” 


AMC  is paying tribute to the late actor Burt Reynolds’ by bringing back Smokey and The Bandit at 240 AMC locations. Unfortunately, none of these locations are in Mid-Missouri.. 


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