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Carly Pearce, like the rest of us, has a new year to make a difference and there are a couple causes near and dear to her heart. 

Carly said, “Two things come to mind for me. Neglected elderly – I have a very big heart for just elderly people in general. I grew up with a lot of elderly. I have a lot of elderly people close to me. That’s very precious to me. And a lot of women have had different struggles of body image issues throughout the years and have struggled and had to figure out that area. And I think so many women go through that and I would love to be able to do some sort of body image.”

Carly got to ring in the new year with fiance, Michael Ray.



Mitchell Tenpenny has a few friends in the crazy Nashville music business who support and encourage his career despite the fact they’re all working towards the same goals and looking for their own space on Country radio. Devin Dawson, Brett Young and Luke Combs are a few of those people.

Mitchell says, “Devin Dawson’s one of my best friends. Brett Young has been incredible to me just with advice. Every show we’ve been on together he just welcomes me to his bus, talks to me after the show, whatever I need, same with Luke Combs. I run into him at the bar or whatever, (he’s) telling me how to save my voice, how to do this, how to get through radio tour, just that constant advice and not feeling like we’re competing but feeling like each of us have our own piece of the pie.”


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