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COUNTRY FEED: 10/08/18

Halloween may still be weeks away, but apparently that doesn’t matter to Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren.

Thomas and Lauren’s home is already decorated for the spooky holiday..

Thomas said, “My wife, I think, starting decorating for Halloween in the middle of June. [She] decorates way too early for every holiday, and Halloween is one of our favorite holidays besides Christmas and so Disney is gigantic in our house. I mean, our kids have watched every Pixar movie under the sun and all the classics and there’s been a few things tossed around as far as being Finding Nemo characters or Monsters Inc. characters but we’ll see. I think it’ll be a fun time. My kids love Halloween.”



“Ladies in the ’90s” is the new single from Miss Lauren Alaina! She teased it on Instagram, and now the song is out for fans. Listen here! 


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