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Kelsea Ballerini Playing Guitar
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COUNTRY FEED: 10.14.19

Kelsea Ballerini gave one of her youngest fans the gift of music at a time when he most needs it.

Nine-year-old Ayden (of FL) is blind and battling brain cancer, and recently was granted his wish to see Kelsea in concert and he got to meet her!

During their meeting, Kelsea and Ayden discussed their common love of music and playing guitar. So what did Kelsea do? Send him a guitar of course! Ayden was beyond thrilled to open the surprise package holding an electric guitar showed up at his house. The guitar was customized with Ayden’s name in Braille, and there was a handwritten note from Kelsea. Ayden’s mom didn’t even know about the gift until they opened it! 

I leterally have no words. I come home to find a big box on my porch. As i bring it into the house i noticed it was addressed to Ayden. It was from Nashville Tennessee and we dont know anybody from there. I waited til Ayden got home from school and i had him open it. Upon opening it we started noticing familiar letters and then an actual letter was inside this guitar case. We open the letter only to discover it was from Kelsea Ballerini!!!! She sent this beautiful electric guitar to Ayden. A few months back we attended her concert and a meet and greet and Ayden and her chatted over there love for music. He gave her a note he made for her in braille and a picture. She remembered him and sent him this beautiful gift. Needless to say he and i are blubbering babies over this. Iv never been so happy for my baby. I had to make a video to share his pure exctiment. And because it's impossible to put this into words. Thank you Kelsea for this incredible gift you have forever impacted Ayden's heart and life.

Posted by Tiffany Henke on Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Kane Brown is mourning the loss of his longtime drummer, Kenny Dixon, who was killed in a car accident on Saturday at the age of 27.

Kane posted a picture on Instagram Sunday:

Dixon leaves behind a fiancee and young son.



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