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COUNTRY FEED: 10/31/18

Brett Eldredge loves dressing up, Halloween or not, but at least he has a good excuse to today!

Brett said, “I used to try to make sure we had a show booked around Halloween because me and the whole band could dress up on stage.”

But that’s not the only holiday Brett has dressed in a costume for. He said, “At Christmas I went downtown on Broadway dressed as disco Santa with my friends and somehow danced in the middle of the clubs and the honky tonks while they were playing my songs and I had my complete face covered and no one figured it out and that’s a lot of fun. That’s why I love to wear wigs and go in the crowds cause you get to be someone else for a bit and just completely weird people out…” 


Luke Combs is almost at the other end of the Halloween spectrum..

Luke said, “Luke Combs is not a traditional Halloween fan I guess you would say.  When you were a 3X there’s not a lot of cool costumes that come in your size.  So, I usually just tell people I’m being an adult for Halloween and then I just kind of wear the clothes I would normally wear.” 


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