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Tim McGraw is releasing a new song today, and Clear 99 is going to play it at 4:35p this afternoon! 

“Neon Church” is the name of the song and it’s his first new solo music in nearly two years. He is also releasing a song called “Thought About You” today. 


Chris Janson wanted to release his song “Drunk Girl” because it reminds him of a popular Starbucks drink. “The real reason I picked ‘Drunk Girl’ next is because it was fall and I love pumpkin spice latte — that’s a true story — and I thought, ‘You know, we got this song, “Drunk Girl.” If I shut my eyes, what does it feel like?’ Well, to me it feels like a candle lit dinner at Sperry’s and pumpkin spice latte after at Starbucks. Seriously, and I love the fall. Like, the fall is my favorite time of year and the late fall, early winter’s when the song was released.”


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