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COUNTRY FEED: 11/06/18

Where does Keith Urban stand on making a cameo in HBO’s Big Little Lies

Season two of HBO’s Big Little Lies is underway, and Keith Urban’s wife, Nicole Kidman, is one of the show’s producers and stars.

Nicole recently revealed that her two daughters will make cameos in the series, but Keith may not be up to it. 

Keith said, “It’s not really my thing. I mean, sure, if Nic said, ‘Can you cameo in this moment in the background,’ or something, but I’ve never had any interest in acting. None. I love playing music. I love creating music. I love playing music live. I love making records. I’ll leave the acting for someone way better at it in my family.” 


FGL’s BK is looking for four people who vandalized an oversized tee-pee outside the Nashville location of his Tribe Kelley store on Saturday. He posted several video messages to his social media asking for help in identifying the vandals. Rewards are up for grabs. 

$5,000 REWARD / NASHVILLE – 4 individuals vandalized our property in Hillsboro village at the Tribe Kelley Trading Post last night November 3 around 1:30 a.m. we are offering $5,000 to anyone (even anonymously) with information leading to their identities and arrest. Please share with your nashville friends and family. Please DM me or email contact@tribekelley.com !

Posted by Tribe Kelley Trading Post on Saturday, November 3, 2018


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