Brad Paisley
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Brad Paisley and Olympic gold medal figure skater, Scott Hamilton teamed up to create a children’s book!

The book is called “Fritzy Finds A Hat.” Scott wrote the book to help parents talk to their kids about cancer after losing his mother at 18-years-old. Scott asked Brad (and his two sons) to be involved due to his love of artwork and drawings.

Brad and his sons drew all the hats for the book, about a boy who searches for the perfect hat for his mom when she starts losing her hair because of treatment for her cancer. 


Luke Combs‘ new album, What You See Is What You Get, is out today! The project features 17 songs, including the five tracks previously released on The Prequel EP earlier this summer.

The album’s title seems pretty self explanatory, but it’s not necessarily what it seems. Luke said the themes featured on What You See Is What You Get represent all sides of himself, including his more emotional side which isn’t always visible.


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