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Montgomery Gentry to release their final album next year. 

Eddie Montgomery has been mostly silent since Troy’s death, but he tweeted yesterday saying,

“Hey Guys – I know it’s been a while but it has been a very emotional time, but you will be hearing from me soon. Our new music is coming out and I hope you’ll give it a listen. Me and T-Roy were very proud of this new cd. -Eddie.” 

The duos final album, “Here’s To You,” will be released in February. 



CMA Awards 

Dierks Bentley and Rascal Flatts paid tribute to Troy Gentry last night singing “My Town.” Eddie Montgomery then made an appearance. He came out with a smile on his face, swinging his mic and stand. Behind them were pictures of Troy. Eddie then got a standing ovation.

Carrie Underwood paid another one of the many tributes during the awards last night with a heartbreaking In Memoriam “Softly and Tenderly” performance during which images of artists including Troy Gentry, Glen Campbell and Don Williams played on a screen behind her. Near the end of the song, faces of the 58 victims who were killed in Las Vegas flashed across the screen. Carrie got so choked up she couldn’t finish the last words of the song. 



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