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COUNTRY FEED: 12/19/18

Luke Combs and Chris Lane: Which country star will be spending time with their significant other and which will be spending time apart from theirs??

Luke Combs recently got engaged to his now fiancée Nicole, but they actually won’t be spending Christmas together!

Luke said, “I think we are actually going to do a separate Christmas thing, We did Thanksgiving with her parents and my parents at our new house, so I think she is going to go see her folks for about five days and I’m going to see my folks for about five days and we are all going to see our friends that we don’t get to see anymore. I think that will be really good.”

Everything with the couple seems to be golden though! 



Which means, Chris Lane is doing just the opposite!

Chris told, “I’m actually a little nervous because I know how my dad is. I’ve already given her the pre-warning. He’s just a funny guy. He’ll probably ask her some tough questions.” Chris said his family is excited about meeting her, “So excited, in fact, that the family is already buzzing about marriage! I’m just like … when it happens, it happens.”


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