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COUNTRY FEED: 12/06/17

Are Brett Eldredge and Sadie Robertson dating?

Rumors have been swirling that Brett Eldredge is dating Sadie Robertson, the girl who played opposite of him in “The Long Way” music video. They met the day of the shoot and instantly bonded, but he says, “She’s just a good friend. I saw her on Instagram and I saw all of her stories and just her energy… and she’s the kind of person that you’re looking for in this kind of song.“ But no, they’re not dating which means.. Brett is still a single man…


2017 Most Tweeted About 

Tv show: Game of Thrones

Other top TV shows: Stranger Things, Big Brother, 13 Reasons Why, and Saturday Night Live 

Film: Wonder Woman 

Other top films: La La Land, Dunkirk, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Justice League, and It. 

Globally Televised event: Miss Universe

Other top globally televised events: 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Super Bowl 51


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