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Luke Bryan wants to get paid ‘just one dollar more than Blake Shelton..’

The third season of American Idol on ABC has been renewed and negotiations are in the works with the show’s judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.  

We were wondering yesterday about how much Luke makes, and while we don’t know a number, we do know a little about his negotiating tactics… 

Luke said, “You know on The Price Is Right when you do the highest bid and then you bid a dollar above, so I always like to find out what Blake’s making on The Voice and just do one dollar more than him. I mean, I gotta go play a Blake thing at the end of the month. I’m gonna get him all liquored up and he’s gonna tell me his salary and then I can come back and tell Idol what I want.” 


News was out yesterday that Lauren Alaina has a new man in her life.. She opened up about her new boyfriend, comedian John Crist, during an interview on Wednesday. Apparently  said she made the first move, sliding into his DMs, thought at the time he didn’t know who she was.. This news comes after the announcement that her engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Alex Hopkins, ended back in January.


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