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Brett Young and his wife, Taylor, will welcome their new daughter this fall and Brett is hoping to inherit one of his dad’s best traits when it comes to raising their baby girl.

Brett said, “I think the one thing about my dad aside from being supportive of everything that I’ve ever done no matter what it was is his genuine excitement. There are people you’re going to meet in your lives where they’re excited and pleasant all the time and it feels really fake and kind of contrived, and my dad borders on that. He’s so excited and pleasant all the time but it’s genuine every single time. He’s uplifting and encouraging and so that trait in him is what always made me believe I could do anything I wanted to do because he always told me I could and it seemed like he believed it so it made me believe it, so I hope that that’s something that I have for her.”

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Happy Mother’s Day to the 3 most incredible women I know. •Mom, there is nobody else in this world with the love and patience that you possess. Thank you for how incredibly unselfishly you have loved me. I truly don’t deserve you! •Tay, our little girl isn’t even out here in the world yet and already I’m blown away at the mother you are becoming. Thank you for creating such and amazing and safe home for her. You inspire and impress me more everyday. I’m so proud of you and I love you so much! • Mama Jilly…..thank you for raising such an incredible human being and for then sharing her with me. The job you did as a mother gave me the most important person and soon to be people in my life. Thank you! •Mamas, you are the glue that holds us together and I for one feel incredibly lucky to have such amazing moms in my life. Love you so much, Ladies. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!

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Thomas Rhett has been basically following in his dad, hit songwriter and artist Rhett Akins’, footsteps since he was a kid. In fact, Thomas said he credits him with shaping him into the vocalist he is today.  

Thomas said, “You know, when I think about who taught me to sing in the first place it was my dad.  And still to this day I think my dad is one of the best songwriters, best performers that I’ve ever gotten to witness. And so being able to just kind of watch him write songs at eight years old and go on the road with him at 9 years old and get to go sing in his encores on the road, I feel like dad has been the main influence on me vocally and me as a songwriter and as a performer, and so I owe dad a lot of credit for being here today.” 


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