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So you know how we talked about Keith Urban and his wife Nicole Kidman adopting a baby? Well..

They have! But no, it’s not human. It’s actually a puppy! Nicole posted a picture with her new pup and wrote “My first puppy… actually my first dog. Been waiting my whole life for this!” But.. she hasn’t revealed the new puppy’s name yet, but it appears to be a miniature red poodle!



Kenny Chesney has preserved all the special moments of his long career through photographs, from the very early days of touring to becoming the massive headliner he is today, and he’s sharing those colorful memories with fans in a 456-page art museum quality coffee table book called Kenny Chesney: Living In Fast Forward, filled with 571 pictures! 

The coffee table book took two years to make, and Kenny is only releasing a limited number — 3,500 to be exact — and they’re all signed and numbered.

Members of Kenny’s No Shoes Nation fan club will receive a special email today explaining the process of how the books are being made available! 



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