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Easton Corbin is a long-time advocate and supporter of military men and women and is currently doing something pretty neat.

He has partnered with Companions for Heroes, an organization that saves, trains and provides companion animals from shelters to active duty military personnel, military vets, first responders and military spouses and children recovering from the psychological challenges they suffered during service to our country.

What’s neat is that Easton will donate $1 of every ticket sold on all of his concerts to go to Companions for Heroes.

He’s ALSO going to provide tickets and have special meet & greets to meet with these vets and military personnel. 



Chris Janson has made his career a family affair. He doesn’t travel without them. 

Chris said, “To be honest with ya, I would not want to do it without them. I don’t feel comfortable traveling without Kelly, and I don’t feel comfortable working without Kelly so therefore she is my manager. You know, our kids, I think the most important part for us is we don’t ever impress what we do upon them… we travel as a unit just because I mean we’re a family. That’s what families are supposed to do. They’re supposed to spend time with one another.”


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