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Don’t mess with Miranda Lambert, y’all. She’ll hit you with that sweet southern charm..

We all know there are social media trolls everywhere, and when it comes to celebrities we tend to hear about them a lot. Well, Miranda Lambert is the latest celeb who clapped back at a fan who took a shot at her marriage to NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin on social media over the weekend.

She shared a video of Brendan frying up chicken in a cast iron skillet.

One user commented, “It won’t last.” Miranda replied, “Sure won’t! I’m gonna eat every piece of it! Can’t waste chicken!”



Justin Moore is loving all the positive comments he’s getting from fans about his brand new album, Late Nights and Longnecks, but it’s those few negative ones that keep Justin from getting too involved in social media.

“I don’t. I used to and it would drive me crazy because there’d be a hundred positive ones and then one bad one, and then it just sends me into a tailspin. I’m too fragile for that, I guess.” 


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