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Chris Janson‘s upcoming studio album, called Real Friends, will feature a guest appearance by…?

Blake Shelton! Blake lent his voice to Chris’ title track. The album will be released on October 18th. His current single, “Good Vibes,” is on the album along with a new song he just teased and released on his instagram called “Done.”



It Chapter Two topped the box office this weekend, earning $91 million domestically and $185 million worldwide. The first It opened this weekend two years ago with $123 million domestically and $189 million worldwide. 

Critics are also less enamored of the sequel, which has a 65% fresh and 6.23/10 average critic rating over at Rotten Tomatoes versus an 86% fresh and 7.23/10 average rating for It

The sequel, based on Stephen King’s novel, features the adult members of the Losers Club.


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