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COUNTRY FEED: Keith Urban | Old Dominion

Keith Urban played a very special concert on Thursday night..

The concert was exclusively for first responders at the Stardust Drive-In Movie Theater, about 40 miles east of Nashville. This was the first performance of its kind in the U.S. About 200 doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and staff from Vanderbilt Health, part of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, attended the show, which lasted for about an hour. 



Celebrity men’s groomer, Jason S, is the focal point and inspiration of the moving video for Old Dominion‘s latest single, “Some People Do.” He, who also works with Old Dominion, was previously homeless and, after overcoming drug addiction, turned his life around.

In his spare time, he helps out the homeless of LA, providing haircuts as a means to connect with those who may be battling addiction issues.

Old Dominion lead singer Matthew Ramsey describes the experience of making this clip as life-changing. “I’m so proud of this video and it was tough at the beginning to… push yourself past that comfort zone and all your preconceived notions of what these people are going to be like. …when you push past that awkward moment and you speak to them you realize they’re just humans just like you and they’re good people. And… they might be a little down on their luck. Who hasn’t been? I will forever be changed by that day.” 


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