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Maren Morris is releasing brand new music today!

4p is when the new single is going to debut. Until then all we know is that the song will be called “Girl,” and it’s the debut release from Maren’s upcoming sophomore album.

She co-wrote the song. Maren shared a picture of the single cover on social media writing, “The time has finally come. I’ve been dying to share this with you all for forever & a damn day.”



Riley Green was making and releasing music long before he signed his record deal and now has a song doing very well on the charts.

Riley said, “Havin’ played music for as long as I have and I think I kind of skipped out on the working towards a record deal in the first several years because I didn’t really think I’d ever sign one. So now having signed my record deal, and then to have a Top 15 song on the radio within a year of that time, it’s one of those things where it felt like it took forever to get here, but then now that it’s kind of getting here, it’s all happening really fast. It’s a really rewarding feeling though to have written a song and see it move up the charts. Every day is exciting to wake up and see where it’s at.”


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