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Darius Rucker Gets His 10th Number One

Darius Rucker just hit a new milestone in his career.

‘Beers and Sunshine’ is officially Number One!

Darius said this achievement means a lot at his age, “It probably means more to me now than it ever has. I’m 54. I’m 54. It goes back to when Charles Kelley called me when George Strait retired and told me I was the oldest guy on Country radio. I’m 54 so just the fact that I might have another Number One’s crazy and when it hits it’s gonna be awesome! It’s better now, and after not really being on the radio for two years. I was basically gone with Hootie for two years. I didn’t know what was gonna happen when I came back and it’s great that I had a song like that that’s doing what it’s doing.”


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