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‘DeMarcus Family Rules’ premieres on Netflix

Stop scrolling through Netflix and just search ‘DeMarcus Family Rules.’

If you’re a fellow Flatthead or really like ‘Chrisley Knows Best,’ you’ll enjoy this show. 

It’s about Rascal Flatts’ bassist Jay DeMarcus, his former beauty queen wife, Allison, and their two adorable children. Netflix described it as a reality sitcom with fast paced 25-minute long episodes. 

Here are my initial thoughts after watching a few episodes:

  1. The DeMarcus family is rich! Like really rich! They have their own chef! I googled how much Jay is worth and according to Google it’s $60 million!!!!!….WHAT?!?!?!
  2. This is not a family show! There’s lots of language and definitely some adult-related conversations. 
  3. It’s more scripted than a normal reality television show. Because Todd Chrisley is a producer, it has a very similar feel to ‘Chrisley Knows Best.’ Sassy comments one after the other.
  4. The DeMarcus children make the show! They are absolutely adorable and really funny when they talk about their mom and dad. 
  5. Really keeping my fingers crossed that we are going to see Gary and Joe Don, at least in one episode!

While I don’t think the show will win any awards, it is a really cute look into how one country music legend lives. 



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  1. Great show. A little too scripted. Just let it flow y’all. Fake dog poop in the studio is a little much. I mean we may be stupid but we ain’t idiots.

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