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Dylan Scott Concert – The Blue Note – 02/16/17

Thursday night (02/16) was a big night for Dylan Scott fans in and around central Missouri.

Scott, along with Shotgun Creek Band and Alec Davis sold out The Blue Note for a concert in Columbia hours before the show was scheduled to start.

Though Dylan Scott is relatively new to the country music scene, he has already stared to make a name for himself. In 2013, he released his first single, “Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy,” and just last year (2016) he released “Crazy Over Me,” which debuted at number 14 on Billboard Charts. Scott is currently on his first tour making his eighth stop in 2017 in Columbia, Missouri.

The Blue Note had Dylan Scott fans waiting in line hours prior to doors opening, but a few “superfans” said they had been waiting in line for seven hours to see the show, and were relieved when the doors finally opened at eight pm.

One hour after the first concertgoers entered the venue, Shotgun Creek Band took the stage and opened the night with their song “Summer Heat.” They went on to play five more original songs before they rounded out their set with “Whiskey And The Gin.” Missouri native Alec Davis then took the stage.

Davis’ semi-raspy voice caught the attention of attendees, and some of them tried their best to learn the words to his songs so they could sing along. About halfway through his set, Davis got off the stage and walked around the front of the crowd so he could interact with fans. Davis’ set consisted of seven original songs, four of which are from his debut album, Gods, Guns, Girls, Guitars

Alec Davis sang the last words to his new single “Let’s Ride,” and left the stage. Shortly after Davis’ exit, and the stage was set for the headliner, and Dylan Scott fans grew eager.

Notes from “Sleeping Beauty” then started playing through the speakers as Scott made his appearance, sending the crowd’s volume through the roof of the building.

As his show went on, Scott explained a little background for a couple of his songs. He said he didn’t think the lyrics “girl you make me feel like whoa” could ever turn into a song, but they ended up being part of “Makin’ This Boy Go Crazy,” and his hit “My Girl” is all about his wife Blair, who he talked about three different times during the show.

Scott also did a solo performance that included only his guitar. He sang “When You Say Nothing At All” by one of his inspirations, Keith Whitley, and the song took a sharp turn when it transitioned into “Sorry” by Justin Bieber.

Dylan Scott ended the night with “My Girl,” and he had a request for the audience. He asked that the overhead lights be turned off and everyone’s phone light be turned on to create a more intimate setting for a song that means so much to him.

  Did you go to the show Thursday night? If so, leave a comment or share your pictures!

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