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Easy Queso Recipe

Simple, Cheap, and Delicious!

It’s such a popular dish at get togethers and it is super easy and cheap.  My friend’s mom taught me this recipe. I love it! 

Kroger Nice N Cheesy Queso Blanco (32oz) – I use the one from Gerbes because it makes more and is cheaper, but you can also use the Mexican Velveeta (16oz)

1 Can of Rotel – if you like it spicy, get the hot Rotel

Milk – start with just a little, and keep adding until it is as thin as you like

Cream Cheese – add to taste.  I don’t think that you need a whole lot.  I tried the reduced fat and it got clumpy on me, but if you microwave it first that helps.

Cut the cheese up into cubes, add Rotel, Milk & Cream Cheese in crockpot and let it cook on Med/Hi until it’s melted!  Make sure to stir it often.  If you want to speed up the process, throw it in the microwave a little bit. Serve hot with tortilla chips and margaritas!  

Simple right?  My favorite kind.  Enjoy!


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