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El Cerrito Place

We were playing Kenny Chesney’s new song “El Cerrito Place” the other morning and I got to thinking that I’d heard it somewhere before.  Turns out I had. 

I discovered Charlie Robison in the Bud Tent at the Missouri State Fair in 2001 I think.  Our broadcast RV was always right across from the tent, and at some point I took a break and wandered over to see what was going on.

Charlie was playing and after two songs he became my favorite artist who was never going to make it big. (Meaning make it big in a Nashville/mainstream/national/Country radio sort of way.)

He finishes a song, and then starts talking about marriage.  “Who in here married their high school sweetheart?” Several hands went up, and he started talking about how weddings usually went in the small Texas town he grew up in.

Then he played “The Wedding Song”, and it’s the most un-wedding song you’ve ever heard.  As the reception starts to wind down, the characters of the song start to realize what life is probably going to be like from now on. 

And it’s not a fairytale, but there is just something very real about it.


I remember coming back to the station and flipping through our newer CD stack to see if we had anything by him.  I found “Life of the Party”, and proceeded to wear.  it.  out.

The whole thing is still one of my favorite CD’s, but in particular “Sunset Boulevard” and “My Hometown”.


Since then he’s continued to make music, and married & divorced a Dixie Chick.

Oh yeah…and he did El Cerrito Place.


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