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Eric Church “The Outsiders” Partial Album Review

I’m biased when it comes to Eric Church.  I’m also biased when it comes to songwriters who perform their own music. That being said, I LOVE what I’ve heard so far off of his new album The Outsiders.

The album doesn’t come out till Tuesday, but he has already released three songs on iTunes.  Can you guess how many I own so far? 🙂

“The Outsiders”

I’m not a huge fan of this song, but I think I get why he released the title track first.  It will be the theme for his tour, and he wanted to take advantage of his new found creative freedom with his label.  Plus, it shows his hardcore fan base that he won’t sell out, staying true to his roots.

“Give Me Back My Hometown”

This is Eric’s first “radio friendly” cut off the new cd, and it has a more traditional country sound.  The thing I like the most about Eric’s songwriting is the angle he takes with common emotions.  I mean this kind of song has been done a million times before, but his ability to bring a fresh approach to tried and true themes amazes me.  I feel this might be his Springsteen on The Outsiders album.

“A Man Who Was Gonna Die Young”

My favorite Church song is “Sinners Like Me,” and this song is quickly rivaling Sinners for my top spot.  It’s simply a beautify written love song about a guy who thought he would die young, but now wants to live forever because of his new found love.

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What’s your favorite Eric song?

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