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Few Examples Of When Being Cheap Can Cost You

So it turns out trying to save money could end up costing you in the long run. Here’s a few examples of when it’s probably better to spend the few extra bucks.

  • Cookware. Cheap pots and pans don’t last, and they don’t cook well. You might pay several times as much for expensive pots, but they’ll last forever.
  • Car maintenance. Cars break down a lot earlier if you don’t take care of them. You can save thousands a year by making a car last longer, and you can also sell it for more later, if you can show you’ve done all the recommended maintenance.
  • Furniture. Solid wood furniture lasts just about forever. With IKEA furniture, you’re lucky to make it through the first month.
  • Knives. The cheap ones lose their edge right away. Quality knives stay sharp longer, and you can keep sharpening them for a lifetime.
  • Hair conditioner. Cheap shampoo is okay, but cheap conditioner can be worse than none at all.
  • Shoes. Quality shoes pay for themselves by lasting longer. But cheap shoes can be EXTREMELY expensive if they cause foot problems because they don’t fit well.
  • Paint. Cheap paint doesn’t cover as well, so you end up using two coats. Two gallons of cheap paint cost more than one gallon of good paint . . . and it takes more than twice as long to put on two coats, because you’ll wait for the first coat to dry.
  • Exterior housing materials. Siding, shingles, paint and windows should all be high quality. Especially if you live in a place where it rains a lot.
  • Bed sheets. The cheap ones get uncomfortable after a few washes, and they lose their color quickly.
  • Energy efficiency upgrades. Pay more for good windows and modern appliances. They’ll pay for themselves in savings on your utility bill within a few years, and they’ll last for 15 years or more.



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