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Florida Georgia Line – Mizzou Arena – 02/03/16

Florida Georgia Line brought their Dig Your Roots Tour to Columbia, Missouri Friday night (02/03) and put on an unforgettable performance for the thousands of concertgoers.

The show was much anticipated by fans, and some stood outside in the cold for more than two hours before the doors were even scheduled to open.

When six pm hit, people piled into the arena, and at seven the show began.

Former Hot Chelle Rae member Ryan Follese started the night and got to share his dynamic voice and contagious energy with the crowd. Ending with his single “Put A Label On It,” Ryan got to show fans why he joined the country music scene.

Chris Lane continued building the crowd’s energy when he followed Ryan Follese with a diverse performance ranging from The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” to *NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” But fans were most excited when they got to hear Lane’s own single, “Fix.”

When Chris Lane finished his set, Dustin Lynch took the stage. He opened with “Hell Of A Night” and didn’t neglect to include his most recent single, “Seein’ Red,” in his performance, which sent the crowds energy through the roof. Lynch also sang two brand new songs; “Small Town Boy Like Me” and “Love Me Or Leave Me Alone,” which he said he hoped would make it to country radio by Monday.

Dustin Lynch made his exit and Florida Georgia Line’s (FGL) Old Camp Whiskey logo suddenly blocked the stage. The audience knew the duo was preparing to make their appearance.

After much anticipation, the logo dropped, and FGL members Tyler and BK were seen descending from above the stage on two platforms while a fiery performance started their night, literally. Fire shot out of the stage with the beat of their song, “This Is How We Roll.”

With the title Dig Your Roots, it was evident FGL was going to bring their past to the stage, and they did. Tyler and BK showed pictures of each other from their younger years, talked about the “good times, hard times, struggles and celebrations” they went through to get to where they are today, and then took time to thank their mothers. The duo also gave a “tribute” to the Backstreet Boys since the group was BK’s first concert and Tyler’s first CD.

The highlight of the show, however, came when Tyler and BK sat around a campfire and a piano to sing “H.O.L.Y.” When the song was over, the crowd gave their cheers, and then kept cheering. And cheering. Anyone in the audience could tell it was a surreal moment for the two.

After thanking their fans and those in uniform, and bringing their preceding acts back on stage for a performance of “Sun Daze,” Tyler and BK shared a hug and disappeared backstage.

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