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For Sale: The ‘Brady Bunch’ Home!

A chance to purchase a piece of Pop-culture history! 

Here’s the story, of a lovely household…

The ‘Brady Bunch’ house is for sale for the first time since 1973!

If you are a 20th Century Pop-culture fan, like me, this is both exciting and potentially worrisome news. You want to see something like this preserved and not gobbled up by developers in greediness and potentially destroyed.

The home, (Studio City, California) was used in all of the exterior shots of the sitcom that aired from September 1969 to March 1974.

The current owners first bought the house in ’73 for $61,000 (a steal, today) and are now listing it for almost $1.9 million.

As you can imagine- when a piece of nostalgia like this comes up to purchase, the amount of interest can potentially go through the roof. The owners, who know and appreciate the history of their home, are reported to have stated that they won’t sell it to the biggest bidder, especially if the intent is to tear down the home. They’d prefer to sell it to someone who will preserve it.

I think many Brady Bunch fans would want that, too!



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