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Friday Flicks with Josh Ryan

Will Smith. One of the greatest actors of our time; he’s a guy that never stars in a bad movie. Quick! Name the WORST Will Smith movie you’ve ever seen! Now, think about his BEST movies.

Which ones come to mind? Independence Day, Enemy of the State, I Am Legend, Hancock, The Pursuit of Happiness, I Robot, Ali and the Men In Black franchise! It took me longer to think of a bad Will Smith flick than it did to rattle off 7-10 of his best ones.

Today, After Earth hits theatres and Will Smith stars opposite his son Jaden. The setting is, of course, Earth. It is NOT, however, the Earth that you and I know. After Earth takes place 1000 years after devastating events that forced humans to leave the planet. A crash landing takes place and forces father Cypher (Will Smith) to work together with his teenage son Kitai (Jaden) to try and find a way home. So far, the reviews have been mixed. Let’s be honest though. It’s Will Smith. After Earth should be awesome.

Check out the trailer!


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