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Georgia Trip Pictures

I got to go to Georgia with the Tigers this weekend, and I took a few pics.

Matt Winegardner, the engineer & I always get to the stadium early so Matt can set things up for the Tiger Radio Network.  For early kickoffs that sometimes means before sunup.  Empty stadiums are kinda cool, but in the dark they’re a little eerie.

After the sun comes up, things start happening around the stadium.  At Sanford Stadium they show pictures of famous University of Georgia alums.  Here’s Jason Aldean, and they also showed Jennifer Nettles & Trisha Yearwood from Country Music.

There were also other musicians, sports stars, politicians, and Hollywood types like Ryan Seacrest, and the greatest actor that ever lived

…Wayne Knight!  Hello Newman.

Here’s the Tiger Radio Network broadcast team right before we went on the air.  From the left, Howard Richards, Chris Gervino and Mike Kelly.  That’s a lot of handsome for one picture.

It was cool to look across the field from the booth and see this concentration of Tigers fans in a sea of red.  They were loud & proud and were rewarded with a historic win as Missouri upset Georgia 41-26!

A BIG win in a great atmosphere.  Sanford Stadium is one of those neat places with a ton of football history, and the people were so gracious.

It may be cliched but Southern Hospitality is real and Georgia was no exception, even after we won. (Which wasn’t always the case in the Big 12.  I’m just sayin’…)  I hope visitors to Columbia are treated as well.

Then a quick and happy flight home.  The Tigers are 6-0 and ready for home games three weeks in a row.  As Mr. Alden says, show up early & wear gold!


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