Goal Accomplished! 39 Weeks Pregnant at Orangetheory!

Orangetheory made my pregnancy so much easier!

I already loved Orangetheory before I became pregnant but I loved it even more after I found out I was having a baby!

The second I told the crew at Orangetheory that I was pregnant they couldn’t have been more excited and were so willing to help me be successful with my workouts as my body began to change.

I told them all I wanted to do was to take a picture in the studio at 39 weeks pregnant and they said, “Let’s do it!”


As my pregnancy progressed, running became uncomfortable and I couldn’t work out on my back. If it wasn’t for Orangetheory’s trainers, I probably would have given up. They were able to show me different moves I could do and still get a great workout in.

I was extremely lucky to have an easy pregnancy and I attribute most of that to the Orangetheory workouts. They made me more confident and kept my heart pumping when sometimes all I wanted to do was take a nap.

Orangetheory is so good at working with every individual that walks through their doors. No matter if this is your first time working out in years or if you go to the gym five times a week, you’ll get a challenging but doable workout with the best crew in Columbia!

Seriously, the nicest people work there!

Listen to the owner, Ann, explaining why she brought Orangetheory to Columbia.

Your first class is always free! Grab it by clicking here.


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