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  1. <3 Clear99

  2. How come you don’t play Miranda’s Little red wagon

  3. Would be a nice early Christmas present

  4. I am so grateful for all.

  5. $1,000 would come in handy right now.

  6. Love listening to Scotty and Kara in the mornings on my way to work. It makes my hour long drive fly by.

  7. “Clear99 is your free money station”

  8. You guys are the best! You make my hour commute to college the best hour of my entire day!

  9. Clear 99 is your free money station.

  10. We love to listen to the radio system

  11. I absolutely love this radio station. I have it on all daylong. I’m new to Columbia and was searching for a good country radio station. I found it thanks….

  12. Only radion station we listen too, very fun!!

  13. I would pay bills

  14. Clear 99, is your free money station!

    Would love to win this!

  15. Ready to win…

  16. Clear99 is your free money station!!

  17. Clear 99 is your free money station!!!

  18. Love your station!

  19. That would be awesome with the holidays just around the corner!!

  20. Money would be a blessing but just listening to your station makes my day. Thanks

  21. Money would be a blessing but just listening to your station makes my day. Thanks

  22. If I win it will be a wonderful. Christmas for my family and grandkids since I became disabled I haven’t been able to afford a lot

  23. Would be nice!

  24. this would be an awesome gift!

  25. How sweet it would be to win!!!

  26. I will be listening!!!

  27. melissacockrell4@gmail..com

  28. Registered

  29. LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. 15Th is my birthday would be awesome to win

  31. Pick me!

  32. Would love to win!

  33. This money would help me move forward after graduation!

  34. Clear 99 best country music station there is..

  35. Can’t get any better than Clear 99!!!

  36. My birthday is Saturday… it would make a great present!

  37. This would so helpful to assist my daughter with her nursing school fee’s! A+ and scholarships are all used up.

  38. Our second baby will be here very soon! This would help tremendously throughout the holidays!! ☺️

  39. Wow what a wonderful surprise it would be to win !

  40. I’d love to win, it’d make my year

  41. I’d love to win it’d make my year

  42. Would be great to win

  43. Clear 99 is the best station i would love to win I would us the money to get my family back up and on are feet again we lost are house last year and have been living with family and this would.help so much

  44. Stella Pendergrast

    Christmas money!

  45. Love CLEAR 99

  46. this would be the best thing for my family’s Christmas!

  47. Awesome!

  48. Thank you clear 99 for always being so generous with your listeners!!

  49. I could sure use $1000!!! Bring it on!

  50. This would be a wonderful gift

  51. This would be a wondrrful blessing

  52. Perfect timing! Christmas is right around the corner

  53. Please enter me to win $1,000. Thank you!!!

  54. Ahhh christmas paid for my babies! You guys are the best

  55. Christmas on Clear 99!

  56. I would love to see him! He is amazing!!!

  57. Winning would be wonderful! I would give half to our adopt a family.

  58. Just in time for Christmas!

  59. Love Clear 99, thanks for the Saturday Morning Oldies!!!

  60. This would be a blessing. I would love to go home for Christmas

  61. I could really use this extra money. Just lost my job do to health reason. Could really use it for Christmas and bills.

  62. Love the Saturday morning oldies!

  63. This would be amazing! With my husband out of work and Christmas coming.

  64. Thank you for making our days and nights better while listening to Clear 99!

  65. A great Christmas gift!

  66. Clear 99 is the best, thanks for the opportunity to win a grand.

  67. Love Scott and Cara in the morning!

  68. 🙂

  69. Been out of work sick the past few days,could use a little extra money! And would LOVE to say that Clear 99 made me a winner,but it hasn’t happened yet.

  70. Pick me please!!

  71. I would like to win. I wonder put it to good use.

  72. Pick me please!

  73. Awesome opportunity Clear 99!

  74. Christmas would be great this year if I won!

  75. That $1,000 would come in handy this holiday season. Paying those wonderful taxes for the end of the year! LOL

  76. What a Great way for me to be able to have a wonderful Christmas for my family!!!!

  77. Going back to college in the spring so this would be amazing and helpful to win! Good luck to everyone out there!

  78. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! I already love you forever—but this would be even BETTER!!! 🙂

  79. this would be great then I could go see my kids for Christmas!

  80. Thanks clear 99 for a chancestors to win a grand!

  81. Thanks Clear 99 for opportunity to win a grand!!!

  82. It would be so awesome to win in the next drawing

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