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Honor Flight Radiothon Thoughts

I’m sitting here doing some thinking (as I do) about today’s Central MO Honor Flight Radiothon. 

How amazing is it that Mid-MO shows UP when we do these events?!

Today, personally, was one of those that helps put things into perspective.

$135k is a lot of money and to raise that in a twelve hour span is nuts. All so that different United States Veterans can go see (as they should be able to) memorials built for them in Washington, D.C.

These are the things that are important. Helping to make an impact in the lives of others.

It would surprise me if there were one person that didn’t personally know of another that has served our country. In my family alone, there’s been a great grandfather, grandfather, uncle and now, my own little brother.

Hearing the different stories of individuals from during their time of service is fascinating. These veterans are like living, breathing time capsules for the rest of us and every year the numbers of surviving vets dwindles. It is such a precious thing to be able to give these individuals an experience they’ve been wanting (or needing) for potentially 70 years!!

There were discussions today of how the Honor Flight has helped heal and give back to a family an individual they thought was “lost” so to speak.

These individuals not only put their lives on the line, but have gone through no telling what post-serving their country. To think that some were treated so terribly by the very people they were fighting to protect and even told NOT to wear their uniforms, is such a crazy notion to grasp.

It can be unbelievably hard to talk about potentially traumatic experiences, in general. For our veterans, in can be almost taboo and hard to go back to in order to discuss. I’m so thankful for those that are willing to do so (or else, we just wouldn’t understand the magnitude of war).

I am thrilled that because of your generosity, the Honor Flight can continue and our veterans will continue to experience something so special. I wish I could be there too, just to witness it!

Here’s to YOU for making this radiothon another success, Mid-Missouri.

To those that have done so very much for all of us by serving our country in one way or another,

THANK YOU for your service. 🇺🇸


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