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How Often You Should Be Washing Your Sheets

Key word here is “should”.


Do you wash your sheets every few days? Every week? … Longer?


It really is not surprise that every time you climb into bed, you are literally leaving part of you there. Yep; oil, skin cells and sweat.

This can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can make your skin break out. Dead skin cells can also add to the allergens in your home, making it more difficult to breathe and giving you cold-like symptoms. Plus, skin cells are the food of choice for dust mites, which produce waste and add even more to the poor air quality in your home.




While laundering them every one to two weeks is a good rule to follow, it also depends on whether or not you sleep alone. The more oil and dirt that your sheets see, the more often you should wash them. You’ll want to wash your pillowcases more often, too — up to twice a week — especially if you’re acne-prone or have oily skin.

Washing pillowcases more often makes a lot of sense, since they get most contact with your face.

I won’t mention how long I’ve gone without washing my sheets, though. (Hey, this is a judgment free post!)


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