How to Make Liz’s BLT

I celebrated National Pork Month with making LOTS and LOTS of bacon!

You can make sooo many things with bacon…however my favorite thing to do is make BLTs.

And I do believe mine are pretty delicious!

Here’s how I make them:

  1. LOTS OF BACON…the most important part!
  2. A couple leaves of lettuce
  3. Lightly toasted Sourdough toast
  4. One slice of tomato
  5. A slice of cheese (my personal preferences are sharp cheddar or Havarti cheese)
  6. Spicy mayo…my favorite is Boar’s Head Chipotle Mayo

Click here to watch the Clear crew make some.

BLTs are so easy to make and I love playing around with different combinations.

Thank you so much to the Missouri Pork Association for providing the bacon.

Can’t wait to see what Scotty makes next week to celebrate National Pork Month!


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