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Hurry – Get To Vegas Before Garth’s Gone!

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and sometimes, ends in Vegas. Garth Brooks has announced that he will do his final show at the Wynn on November 17th. He’s been performing in the sin city for three years and says he’s very grateful for the experience. In a statement released yesterday, Garth said, “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wynn. Steve Wynn told me that the Wynn audiences were some of the best in the world and he was right. As for Steve Wynn, he is one of the smartest guys I have ever had the pleasure of talking to or listening to. He does everything top notch and is the easiest and best boss I have ever worked for.” No word on what Garth’s next adventure will be although, as he’s said in the past, as soon as his daughters are out of the house, he’ll hit the road again.


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