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I Had A Movie Weekend

I tend to watch movies after they’re out on DVD, and I tend to watch them in bunches.

I saw three this weekend that I would recommend.

They were all critically acclaimed, which to me usually means “boring and over my head“, but I really enjoyed these.

The King’s Speech was nominated for 12 Oscars and won 4.  That along with the fact that it seemed very stuffy and British, kept me from going out of my way to see it.

But it was terrific!  It was funny, touching, historical, plus it had some early days of radio stuff that I found interesting.  And with our recent looks into the royal family it seems somehow timely. 


I also watched Gone, Baby Gone and The Town.  Ben Affleck directed both and had a hand in the writing as well.  They are often pointed too as proof of Affleck’s “comeback”.

I’m glad that I liked them, because I always liked him, and felt like many times people were just piling on when they dumped on his career. 

They are both very gritty, very Boston, and very suspenseful.  So if that’s your thing check them out, if like me you missed them the first time around.


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