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If You Could Be One Person For One Day Who Would It Be?

It was recently announced that Richard King, owner of The Blue Note and Mojos in Columbia, will be selling after more than 30 years.

When I heard the rumors a few months back, I remember thinking about one of my first blog posts at Clear 99.  It’s been almost seven years now since I’ve been in “Clear Country,” and I would still give the same answer if prompted.

If I could be one local person for one day, who would it be?  Richard King.

Below I jotted down that “I’m sure the man could tell you a few stories,” and, thankfully, I’ve had the privilege to hear just a few of them now.

Best of luck Richard with your next adventure, and THANKS for being the musical pioneer that you are and creating such a vibrant music scene here.  For many people, including myself, you’ve helped to create a LOT of memories and…. ummm… a “few” hangovers along the way.

You will always be mid-Missouri’s music man.

Thank you!

(Enjoy your retirement:)

Original Blog:

Probably one of my favorite places on Earth is Mid-Missouri’s very own Blue Note, located in downtown Columbia.

Now, I’m one of those people whom will travel thousands of miles just to watch my favorite artist(s), which is why I find myself lucky to be here and get to enjoy all the great shows at The Blue Note.

The Blue Note is, by far, my favorite place to watch live music. It’s has a classic old theater setting, which has had some of the biggest names in every genre perform on its stage, including Willie Nelson and JR Cash.

So I was there Wednesday night for the Randy Rogers Band show, and got to thinking if I could be one person for a day it would have to be The Blue Note’s owner Richard King.

Can you just imagine all the interesting people Richard gets to meet/has met, and all the great live music he gets to see/has seen?

Just a sample would be all of the country shows like Willie, Johnny Cash, Jamey Johnson, Miranda, Dierks, Luke, Aldean, Eric Church to rock acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers and REM – I’m sure the man could tell you a few stories.

richard king 1

Curious, if you could be someone else for a one day, then who would you choose and why??

Thanks for stopping by!


P.S. I wouldn’t choose the day when Mr. King  participates in Mid-Mo’s version of “Dancing With The Stars.” 🙂



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