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I’m Inventing A New Word: Trailcation

Staycation” has been around for a few years now and more recently I’ve been hearing about “glamping, so I’m calling what Baptist Betty and I have planned a trailcation.

We did it a few summer’s ago and we’re headed back to portions of the Katy Trail State Park this week.

Last time the idea started with my friend Brad and I planning to do the whole trail.  Then because of timing the plan got whittled down to most of the trail, and then finally some of the trail.

Originally Mom’s only participation was going to be to drop us off at the western start of the trail in Clinton, hug our necks and send us on our way.

But she had nothing else going on that week and when we realized the heat index was going to be around 110, she offered to just kinda follow along that first day to make sure everything went alright.

I’m pretty sure she was just worried about her baby.  Her baby who had been preparing for the ride for several weeks, but was still just a pizza slice or two under 400 lbs.  Honestly I think she was concerned that Brad wouldn’t be able to drag me out of the forest by himself.

As it turned out she had a lot of fun that day driving ahead of us and reading the historical plaques and along the trail.  There’s lots of great information about Lewis & Clark’s expedition, and other tidbits about Missouri.  So she volunteered to spend the next couple of days with us.

Katy Ride 2011 041


So when I decided to go back and hit some of the miles we missed the last time I asked if she wanted to go along.  Whether she really wants to, or is still worried about me (or both) I’m not sure.  But we’re going to head west to take care of the Sedalia to Pilot Grove portion one day, and then meet Brad & his wife one day and knock out McKittrick to Augusta.

katy map


Since our original trip in 2011, I’ve gotten a couple of other smaller segments done and I hope to cover the whole Katy Trail eventually.  No hurry though, Mom & I’ll need something to do next summer too.



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