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It’s Officially Official, Disney Has Made Depp Walk the Plank

Johnny Depp won’t be returning as beloved character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in new Pirates reboot. 


There was speculation about this a few months ago. Many fans of the franchise took to social media to voice their disapproval of the potential move by Disney.

I, for one, cannot imagine the Pirates movies sans Depp as Captain Jack! He’s the only reason I’ve continued to see the films (especially the last two)!

Rumor has it, the writers of Deadpool will be at the helm of the newest project. Disney producer, Sean Bailey, says that,

       “We want to bring in a new energy and vitality {to the films}.”

Perhaps, the change-up is due to Depp’s personal/public issues, and Disney wants to distance themselves. According to them; Depp isn’t looked at as a “necessity” for the success of the franchise in the eyes of Disney.


Details are few about how exactly the story will unfold in the upcoming reboot. However, it has been thrown out there that a new protagonist in the form of a female pirate named Redd, will be the successor to Captain Jack Sparrow.

Change isn’t always a bad thing, and  some fans will be looking forward to new characters. Maybe it will bring that “new energy” to the franchise that the exec’s want?

To a large majority though, Captain Jack Sparrow is the heart of those films.

It won’t be “a pirates life for me” without Johnny, savvy?





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