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Jake Owen’s A Funny Guy

Let’s find out WHY Jake Owen is wearing this onesie!
Jake posted a spoof video yesterday called “Seafoam Green.” He said someone once asked him what his favorite color was and this was his response.

The video features Owen’s friends Ryan Hurd and Austin and Colin, and the lyrics want the listener to make sure they don’t confuse the color with teal, turquoise, or even Cee Lo Green. With a little help from Chase Rice the video was full of seafoam green.

It’s no wonder his VW van and onesie happens to be this color. It all makes sense now.

Owen’s first tease for the new video came 23 weeks ago via his Instagram page. (Thank you Chase Rice!)

Five weeks ago, the singer posted this one of his famous onesie.

And today we have the product of one simple question: “What is your favorite color?”

Thanks for reading! – Catryna Craw 


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