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Jamie Mac’s Puppy Talk – The Poo Story

What is true love? 

Ha.. I have no clue! Though, I do feel like I know what it means to love unconditionally – it’s when you put the feelings, wants, desires of someone else before your own.

To love unconditionally is to take a giant leap without seeing where you might land. You can’t even imagine the thought of that person not being in your life. You almost have a set of blinders on when it comes to that person; they can do no wrong in your eyes, you know all of their little peccadillos and you still love them.

“The course of true love never did run smooth.”
― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

So from the opening you would probably assume I’m talking about a woman and, to be honest, almost all of my experiences with unconditional love has been with a human female. This “tail” of love is about a persons love for an animal – specifically in this story – it’s about a cute little chocolate lab puppy I recently adopted.

If you have time, you can read why it was a very difficult decision for me to adopt again.

The first time I ever met Paisley (we’ll find out how I came up with that name in a moment), she was a little over a week old and so stinking cute.  From the moment I stepped into the room where she was feeding on momma pup, I was struck by the smell of puppy dogs. I think I may have an internal puppy breath sensor, which I automatically gravitate towards.

From the first time I saw her picture, till this moment when I first got to hold her, I knew something was happening to me.

It was love. I was falling in love with her and there was no turning back now.

As I pulled my puppy close to my chest, holding her for the very first time, something happened; Brittany, the girl who is raising her looks at my chest, then at the puppy, she then looks me in the eye and says, “Ummm… Yeah, she just pooped on you.” 

I was thinking to myself, ‘typical woman.’  😉 I kid. I kid. I was thinking to myself how much I loved her and was happy to be able to give her a “furever home.”

Paisley at one week old

puppy 3

So how did I come up with her name?

Well, I left that up to you by asking for your suggestions on puppy names on Facebook.  Ended up getting I think about 115 different suggestions, and many of them were very good. And some of them were… uhhh… very creative. 🙂

Eventually, with the help of Erica Wills, I decided Paisley would be the perfect name for her since Brad Paisley is one of my favorite artists. Plus, it’s extremely cute AND it sounds good when you try to yell it, “Paisley, NOOOOO!”

I’m sure I might have say that once or twice.

pooper 1

Next Week’s Blog: Helpful Tips For Puppy Proofing My Home.

So if you have any, then please share them below in the comment section.


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